12 Little Known Laws of Gratitude (That Will Change Your Life)

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Achieving gratitude can profoundly change your life and really make you happy. It can transform chaos into order, your work into joy, and unsureness into certainty.

When Angel and I talk about the importance of gratitude with our coaching students, they use to reply: “Yeah, yeah, I know…”. But the reality is most of us neglect many of the laws of gratitude, being placed in the middle of the life’s chaos. That’s why we want to remind you, in this article, the positive effects of the laws of gratitude:

  1. Achieving the state of gratitude, you will attract things to be grateful for.
  • If you are grateful for what you already have, you’ll receive more than you expect.
  • You will never obtain enough, when you focus on what you don’t have.
  1. Happiness doesn’t bring gratefulness, but being grateful will bring happiness.
  • You can’t appreciate a moment and frown about it at the same time.
  • If you are grateful for what you have, it means that you are happy now and patient for what’s going to come.
  1. Gratitude brings forgiveness and appreciation for the learned lesson.
  • There is no use to regret an experience that was a life lesson.
  • Gratitude gives a meaning to the past, brings peace to the present, and gives hope for future.
  1. You don’t need more than you have now.
  • Thank for the universe for what you have, this is the highest form of prayer.
  • When most of the things go wrong, find at least one reason to be positive. You will surely find one.
  1. Gratitude contains everything.
  • Good experiences bring joy and the bad ones give you wisdom.  They are both important.
  • Everything that happens contributes to your evolution, so be grateful for everything you receive and for every person you have met.
  1. Appreciate the changes from the present moment.
  • What you have now is for sure, so appreciate it now.
  • Life changes constantly, and your blessings will gradually change along with it.
  1. Have a grateful mind and don’t take things for granted.
  • Gratitude separates privilege from entitlement.
  • Something you take for granted now may turn out to be what you need in the future.
  1. Express gratitude means to believe with all your heart, not only talking about this.
  • What matters is the way you life your life, not the words you use to say.
  • Always sustain your words with facts.
  1. Gratitude doesn’t exclude giving back.
  • We have to realize how much more we receive than give and show gratitude for this.
  • Don’t overestimate the importance of your own achievements compared with what you owe to the aid of others.
  1. Gratitude is the highest tribute you may bring to the people you’ve lost and events that had an end.
  • Everything has an end, but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t the greatest gift in your life.
  • You have to be grateful for amazing experiences even if they ended.
  1. To be truly grateful, you have to really live every moment of your life.
  • Bless everything in your life, starting with the breath you’re taking right now.
  • Feel completely alive every moment and don’t expect for miracles to come.
  1. You will increase your potential for gratitude if you will not try to control everything.
  • We struggle too much sometimes trying to control every tiny aspect of our lives.
  • Letting things go and relaxing will bring amazing and unexpected surprises and opportunities.

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