3 ‘inner whispers’ you’re turning your back on

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You could have a library stacked with Law of Attraction books.

You could go to all of the big seminars.

You could even spend years studying under the world’s greatest masters.

But until you’re willing to trust and listen to your intuition

You’ll be forever disconnected from the greatest source of wisdom in the Universe.

But how do you know when your gut is trying to tell you something? Or help you make a decision? Or protect you from harm?

Here are 3 common signs you should never ignore:

1. You don’t feel well

back pain
How many times have you ignored a pain in your body rather than paying attention to why and where it’s coming from?

It can be easy to ignore signs like this when the discomfort is bearable, however, in the long run, a nagging feeling can become a more serious imbalance.

Make sure you follow your intuition by noticing your body’s sensations.

2. You feel the urge to talk to someone 

holding hands
Have you ever feel drawn to a certain person?

There are many reasons this happens – this person might need your help, they could be a potential romantic partner, or they may be able to help you in some way, or guide you towards something bigger in life.

Don’t turn your back on this sign.

3. When you want to distance yourself

alone in a crowd
There may be times when you really want to distance yourself from a relationship, a place, a job or a situation – no matter how much you try to sell yourself otherwise.

If it doesn’t feel right, and you find yourself experiencing the same feeling over and over, don’t ignore it.

Remember your gut feeling is there to guide you and protect you.

To your guiding light,
Nat ~ Mind Movies

P.S. Your intuition is one of your greatest gifts.

So why not learn to fully harness it?

By following it’s calling towards the best career opportunities, your most vibrant health, your romantic partner or more lucrative choices.

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