3 Simple Thoughts To Move You Away From Stress

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There’s a control freak in all of us.

You may think that you’re cool as a cucumber and you remain unfazed by the obstacles that appear, the enemies that attack, but the truth is, there’s going to be something that will stress you out that you can’t control.

Sure, in principle, letting go of the things you can’t control is easy. Because when you think about it, it’s logical.

But people aren’t always built to lean towards the logical. Most times, we react and act emotionally.

Simple situations can trigger stress.

Deciding what to eat or where to eat, deciding what clothes to wear, deciding your route to the office, thinking about tasks, etc. But those are things you can do something about.

When it comes to the other side of things, like how your food will be cooked in a restaurant, the traffic you’ll encounter, the diligence of your team in executing tasks, these are things that are out of your reach.

Here are some thoughts that could help soothe your anxious mind:

Everything is imperfect

Expecting that something can and will go wrong is not exactly being negative, it’s being realistic.

When you understand and accept that fact and make your peace with it, you are letting life be what it is and you’re allowing yourself to live your life the way you want anyway.

It’s negative when you always expect something to go wrong, you wait for it, you relish in the fact that you were right, and let that stop you from every doing anything new, adventurous, and fun.

Almost everything is the ‘small stuff’

Perspective is an important ingredient in keeping a person sane. The more you rely on your emotions and reactions for your actions in life, the more you’re going to be consumed by them.

Everyone keeps saying don’t sweat the small stuff right? Well, everything can be the small stuff if you keep your big stuff to mean the life-altering ones.

Not wearing the right color shoes, not being able to attend your friend’s party, your flight being delayed, waiting in line at the bank, these things are the small stuff compared to getting cancer, or dying.

There are usually worse things that can happen, and if yours fall under the scale then you’re just fine.

In all honesty, not a lot of people are watching your every move. Not everyone is waiting for you to mess up. Not everyone is comparing themselves to you.

No matter how big you think your troubles are, there are bigger. No matter how embarrassing you think it is, nobody will remember tomorrow.

Which brings us to…

Everything is eventually forgotten

Not to sound fatalistic, but it’s true. Eventually, people will forget the details of your failure or embarrassment.

Hell, even memories of dictatorships can be hazy after years. What makes you think the outfit you wear will be immortalized in your friends’ brains? Or that you were late to a dinner? Or that you failed to meet one deadline?

Big deal. Life goes on, even when you feel that yours has stopped for a moment, a day, a month.

You are in charge of what you think of yourself and your life. People may judge you or say things about you, but keep reminding yourself that what you think of your life is more important.

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