3 Ways To Remove Negativity In Your Life

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In order for you to start harvesting the good energy that is made available to you, you need to first rid yourself of the negative obstacles that will block you from receiving good tides.

It’s common sense to free up your life in order to make way for something better. You can’t really expect the better things to come along if you have no room, right?

The same principle applies in inviting positive vibes.

So where do you start?


To first solve any problem, you need to admit the problem. After that, you need to retrace your steps to see where it started and how far it has spread in your life, what aspects have been affected even in the slightest, and then start from there.

It would be good to look at your life from your perspective as well.

Sometimes we’re prone to pattern our lives after other people or based on other people’s opinion on what our life should look like. Stop doing that and start being honest about your life even to just yourself first.

Ask yourself what’s important for you, what kind of life do you want, which paths lead to your happiness.

Fix what’s broken

Whether it’s your car, a window in your house, or your self-image, if it’s broken and you know it, you fix it.

When you leave things un-repaired, no matter how small, it will leave you feeling even just the tiny bit unsettled.

When you know you have something that you need to do and you keep procrastinating it because “it’s just easy” or the opposite, “it’s too hard”, it will nag you bit by bit.

The more you ignore this nagging feeling, the more it’s going to pile up until it requires a lot more energy and time to sort out.

It will be better for you in the long run to just get it over with. Give it its due attention and fix what needs fixing.

You can’t wait for someone else to come along and fix it for you or to provide a plug to cover it up.

Sprinkle with love

As cheesy as it sounds, everything really is made better by it.

We’re not all saints and complete goody-two-shoes, but we can try to replace our anger, hate, and dissatisfaction, with love.

It’s not easy to move past pain, or the annoying things that surround us on a daily basis.

Our office mates might never stop gossiping about us, our parents will never stop nagging us, our partners might never stop snoring, but that’s just the way things are. And on some level, we love them for it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be annoyed or disappointed with the bad things, just don’t let them get a hold of you.

Leave space in your life to fill with love and good things. The more you let the bad stuff consume you, the less space you allot for positivity to fill your life.

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