4 Tricks To Make You Feel More Confident

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Not everyone is born with a natural charm, that which brings people together with no effort at all, the kind of charm that gets results, that magnets the object of your affection towards you, etc.

Some people need to work harder to be and achieve those things and more.

There are so many things that bring our confident levels down like looking in mirrors and not seeing what we want to, comparing ourselves to others, looking at their Facebook walls, not having the things we’re supposed to have by this age, name it, it’s everywhere.

We’re judged by different yardsticks and it’s hard to stack up to each of them.

Which is why we need to realize that we don’t have to. We just need to find our voice inside, not to stand up for others, but to stand up to ourselves when we’re pulling ourselves down.

Some tips on how to be more confident:

#1. Be grateful

The more you count your lucky stars, the more confident you’ll be because you’ll realize just how lucky you are to be given the opportunities that you have at this moment.

Practicing for a job interview? You’re fortunate to be called in for one.

Worried your ideas might not be good enough? At least your brain is working.

Embarrassed that your car isn’t as expensive as others? You have a car that takes you places (plus, less debt!).

Always look for the right perspective and see your life from there.

#2. Keep a joke in your pocket

Ever notice that the people you’re drawn to at a party or a seminar are the ones who make you feel comfortable, the ones who crack a joke or open with a relatable personal experience?

Doing this not only helps your audience to be more comfortable around you, but it works the other way around as well.

When you try to break tension and relate to people, you will feel relieved at having been able to make them laugh or elicit a reaction from them.

#3. Power dress

No matter how you feel inside, looking absolutely sharp on the outside can really do wonders.

If you feel weak and that your confidence is not going to hold up for the day, your belt will hold it up for you.

Dress better than you normally would. Even just the right shoes can literally make you walk a little smoother, and with an extra kick in the heel.

Choose the color that’s right for you, the fit that hugs your body well, and make sure everything’s crisp and tidy.

If you look together, you’ll act together.

#4. Talk louder

I don’t mean shout at people. What I mean is that you should speak up.

Shy people usually talk really softly, timidly, and hesitantly, which makes it very hard for them to be heard (literally). So when people ask them to repeat themselves or when they show that they didn’t hear them.

Shy people will think it’s because their idea wasn’t good enough or that it sounds stupid.

When really, they might just not have been heard.

Talk loud enough for people to hear what it is you have to say. Watch them react differently to you.

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