4 Ways To Build Resilience

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You’re not invincible. You get hurt, disappointed, pushed lower than you ever though possible. Not once, or twice, but over and over again.

The world doesn’t stop turning, it doesn’t stop to pick you up when you’re rolling down the hill from being on top or when you’re flat on your face from the bottom.

It doesn’t always give you what you want, when you want it, like a kind smile, a warm hug, or a sign that everything’s going to be better.

But it does give you what you need.

And what you need most of the time is yourself.

You are your best weapon against bad situations, your best ally when you’re feeling lost, and your best inspiration when it’s nowhere to be found.

In order to have that, you need to build on a particular life skill, and that’s resilience. Resilience is stronger than Kevlar.

So if you want to withstand and live through the bullets shot your way, here’s the recipe for just that:

Know yourself

You can’t protect yourself well if you don’t know who you are. You need to know every nook and cranny of your character.

A solid grasp of your strengths and weaknesses is necessary to be able to know what your cards are and how to play them at every situation.

Knowing yourself will lead to knowing how to use that knowledge to battle demons, both internal and external. You will be able to build on your weaknesses because you’ll know what you need to do to achieve that, and your strengths will be your crutches.

Care for yourself

After you’ve gotten to know yourself inside and out, the next step is to care for yourself, not just mentally but also physically.

Though it might seem shallow to include taking care of your body, it’s really on a practical angle that you do.

If you allow yourself to feel bad on the outside, it’s only a matter of time before it affects you inside. Or worse, it could be a manifestation of what’s already in there.

You need to make the effort to have a holistic approach in caring for yourself.

Your life is on a tripod with physical, mental, and emotional legs. If one of those is cut-off, you just can’t function well.

Accept to heal

No matter how hard you try to change the world sometimes, there are just things that cannot be changed. When you come across situations like this, you can either sit there frustrated or you can accept it and move on.

Being resilient doesn’t mean you are used to disappointments and are numbed by them.

Resilience is mustering the courage to be genuinely positive and hopeful even after being disappointed and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to them without fear that you won’t be able tobounce back in case disappointment strikes again.

Acceptance also means you take a closer look at what’s working and what’s not working in your life and be able to do something about it. Accept realities around you and know what to do about them.

Connect with others

A strong bond formed with other people is a key ingredient in bouncing back from anything–from a heartbreak with your significant other, to losing a loved one.

Having the privilege to reach out and talk to others and hear words of comfort and affirmation will help you believe that you’ll get through the situation.

Yes, you need to be confident that you have what it takes to overcome anything, but to think that you are the only player in the game is something else.

Thinking that you can go it alone and that you don’t need anyone’s help doesn’t only make you arrogant, but severely mistaken.

Harness the energy, the vibe of support that friends and loved ones offer. That way, you’re not only strong in yourself but also outside of it.

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