7 Questions To Evaluate Your Life

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From time to time, we need to stop and re-evaluate our lives. We do this so we know that we are still on the right track, the track we want to be on.

Sometimes you can’t help but feel lost, especially if you’re in a transition of some kind or you’re thinking about it.

In your confusion, you need to be aware of a few things. You need to be able to ask yourself the right questions to help you clarify your life.

Below are such questions that can help you figure out some things in your life:

1. Am I happy with who I am?

We all ask ourselves about happiness, if we’re happy about our life in general, but we need to specifically ask ourselves if we’re happy with the person we are at this moment.

It’s important that you find happiness in the person you’ve become.

You have gone through the things that you have gone through to make you who you are and if you’re not happy or you have not made peace with it, then there’s much room for improvement.

Don’t let a day pass without looking at the mirror and being proud of the reflection that stares back at you.

2. Do I still have goals? What am I doing to achieve them?

Goals are important to plot because they guide us, our thoughts and actions.

It’s not just the long term plans we have for the future, but also the short term ones that will serve as pit stops to reassess the main goal we’ve set.

It’s good to have goals that are reachable to you now because they encourage you to keep moving forward.

Ask yourself what are the steps you need to take in order to achieve all the goals you have plot out on your timeline. Are you following them? Are your actions in accordance to what you want?

Hopefully they are. And if they’re not, now is the time to readjust.

3. How are you as a friend, partner, parent/child?

All of us play different roles in our lives. We’re not just people per se, but also different kinds of people to others.

Identify a role of yours and get a feel of how you are as that person to someone else. It would be great if you maintain an open line of communication to the people concerned so that you can ask them how you are as that person for them.

It’s healthy to get feedback from our loved ones because ultimately those are the relationships we work to improve on a constant basis.

4. Do you look at you accomplishments as much as, or more than your failures?

When we’re assessing our lives, we often see the failures that we have experienced–a heartbreak, a previous job, a lost opportunity. But we rarely look at how far we’ve come since those mishaps.

We rarely look at the strong person we’ve become and allow us to be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments.

You can’t discount that from your life. Count the positive more than the deficits.

Those are minor setbacks after all. The more permanent things in our lives are the successes that help launch us forward.

5. Do you allow yourself to rest, to take breaks?

To rest is not just to sleep at the end of the day. Being well-rested is much more than that. You need to let yourself breathe in between work things.

You don’t want to burn yourself out and feel bad about the work that you do.

It would also be helpful to have at least one hobby that lets you disconnect from the work that you do.

Never underestimate the power of rest and what it could give you.

6. How do you feel about change?

Your attitude about change determines more or less your success in life.

As we all know, life is mostly about changes. Almost nothing stays the same.

We go through stages and in those stages we learn about ourselves, others, and a myriad of factors that will affect us in more ways than one.

If you’re not open to adapting to other things, to trying new experiences, to be surprised by life, you will most likely stop living at some point and stay stagnant.

7. Do you think you have more to offer?

We constantly have to ask ourselves if we have more to offer–in our jobs/career, to our family, our partners, to our community, and to the world.

There has to be something good that we can give back, that we can put on the table. It allows us to keep growing, to keep pushing ourselves to be better and not let anything gather dust, especially if it will be beneficial for others as well.

In all these questions, there really isn’t a wrong or right answer because the answers are not permanent. They serve as reminders, as markers to see where we are in our lives.

As humans, we are always in pursuit of something bigger than ourselves. We want to find purpose and meaning for our life.

Remember that perspective is key to understanding the variables that play a part in the whole picture.

You always have a choice in your life’s path. Choose happiness.

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