How To Discover Your True Calling

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Sometimes, you might experience a feeling of restlessness, but can’t put your finger on what it is. You feel that need to do something meaningful with your life, but you’re not sure EXACTLY how to go about it.

It’s like a splinter in the back of your mind, keeping you up at night. You’ve tried pondering on the matter many times over, and for some reason, your ultimate purpose remains a MYSTERY.

The reason why a lot of people are trapped in this situation is because they’re not focusing enough on what REALLY matters. In order for you to discover where your TRUE path lies, you need to pay attention to that voice WITHIN you.

The external circumstances and factors that surround our life can be a distraction. Thus, finding one’s purpose is about looking INWARD.

What does your GUT tell you? Instead of listening to that voice within us, we usually ignore it or tune it out.

Thus, you have to be attuned to this internal voice because it serves as your moral and spiritual compass. From here, you’ll finally figure out what it is that you need to do in this world.

But it can be hard to tune into this voice if you don’t make a daily effort to do so. While it takes mental practice to develop this skill, investing your time with this will be well worth it.

To help you with this, check out these 5 simple habits you can start practicing TODAY:

#1: Schedule an Interview with Your Higher Power

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does it all mean?” and gotten no answers? It’s time to get to the heart of the matter with none other than The One In Charge.

Regardless of how you refer to this higher power of yours, you can set your mind at ease by having a little one-on-one session.

It’s all about asking the right question. The more specific and focused it is, the better.

For example, try the following:

“What exactly do I need to achieve in the next 5 years?”

“In what way can I offer value to this world?”

“How can I create a genuine sense of meaning and purpose in my daily existence?”

As you begin to ask these questions, your inner voice will give the answers you need. It may take time to perfect this process, so you might have to rephrase the question if the answers haven’t come to you yet.

#2: Keep an Eye Out for Clues

What some people like to do on top of asking questions is looking for important clues hidden in plain sight.

It could be a chance meeting with a person you haven’t seen in a long time. Or it might be a string of random, disconnected events that happen to have a common theme.

Whatever it may be, these clues could provide you with MORE missing pieces of the puzzle you’ve been looking for. Don’t take them for granted or brush them aside because they can point you in the right direction.

#3: Change the Way You Look at Meditation

The purpose of meditating is to clear your mind and eliminate the distractions around you. Like we said, you need to tune out the external world and focus within.

Most people think meditating is just sitting down with your eyes closed until the answers come. However, this practice can take other forms such as working out, biking around the neighborhood or painting a beautiful picture.

All of these will help you tune in to the present and arrive at your innermost thoughts.

By making time to meditate, you’ll train your mind to have a laser-like focus on what’s truly important. When you REALLY listen to what your gut is telling you, all of your future actions will come from this single place.

Make this a habit that you need to do once a day. It may seem tedious at first – but keep doing it anyway. It gets EASIER over time.

Once you’ve made meditation part your routine, it will become a natural extension of yourself.

#4: Document Your Progress

Don’t keep it all in your head. It only makes sense to gather all your insights, epiphanies, breakthroughs and “A-HA” moments and put them into writing.

Whether you prefer a good old-fashioned notebook or starting a personal blog, it’s essential to write down these discoveries so you don’t forget them.

Make a habit of recording your thoughts and revisit them from time to time. This will help you connect the dots and have a clearer picture of what you truly want to do.

Furthermore, you’ll soon amass a collection of positive, inspiring messages from your inner voice that will ultimately guide you to your higher purpose.

#5: Communicate With Your Higher Power

You’ll never get what you don’t ask for. That’s why you should learn how to ask your higher power for the guidance and direction you need to move forward in life.

Even just a simple request to get another pieace of the puzzle is a good place to begin. In time, you’ll learn to project a crystal-clear image in your mind of what you want most in life.

The more defined and richly detailed your mental picture is, the more motivated you’ll be to turn it into reality.

Doing all of these habits will develop your natural ability to listen to your inner voice. After you’ve mastered the art of tuning into that special frequency, you’ll receive the instructions you need to carry on with your journey.

No longer will you feel stuck in a rut. You’ll gain a genuine sense of satisfaction knowing that you’re moving in the RIGHT direction and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

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