Forgiveness Leads To Happiness

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It’s quite hard to forget the pain that someone has caused you. Oftentimes, we choose to stay angry, ignore the person, and move on with our lives.

We play back the painful memories of the offenses committed against us, repeating them in an endless loop. We hold on to the resentment until it spreads like a poison in our heart.

However, forgiveness is essential for our own happiness. We grow and evolve as a person when we learn to forgive those who have hurt our feelings.

When we learn to forgive, our lives become easier – happier. This is because when we fully accept someone’s wrongdoing, we let ourselves let go of whatever anger, bitterness and hate we feel.

When we release these negative feelings that causes stress in our lives, we feel lighter and more relaxed.

Don’t be one of those people who seek revenge and hold on to grudges for decades. Focus your energy on the positive side of life. You’ll find solace in releasing the pain that you feel.

Let this be your daily mantra and repeat it yourself: “I accept what happened. I accept what has been done and I release all the negative feelings from my heart.”

When dealing with rejection and past hurts, it’s always a good idea to look for what the experience has taught you. Instead of holding on to the bad memory, concentrate on the lesson you gained.

For example, after being betrayed, you can learn to be cautious of who to trust. Make sure not to share all your personal secrets to someone you don’t really know that much.

Every difficult person we encounter teaches us a lesson. They are sent to us for a reason. And one of the hardest lessons we have to learn in life are from tough experiences that we’ve triumphed over.

It might take time to heal the wounds of misery especially if it involves a family or close friend. However, even the darkest clouds have a silver lining; and when you know how to be better, you do better in life and come out stronger.

Commit to having a positive attitude in life and it will make a difference in the way you live. Whether good or bad, accept and be grateful for all your experiences. There is always something to look forward to.

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