Hard-work is not the answer by Heather Matthews

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The one simple secret is what allowed me to harness the greatest power in the universe, channel the power exactly where I needed it and changed my life forever. And finally just manifest the way I’d always known I could and not to get corny but the best part is I now get to feel a deeper sense of connection with the universe. That sense of purpose and fulfillment that has always been missing in my life before.

But for so many people out there things aren’t as easy. They don’t have this vital technique and so they end up struggling to make the law of attraction work for them yet never seen any results at all. And the root of the problem actually comes from a deep misunderstanding you see everywhere, yet one that almost nobody is talking about.

The good news is it’s not your fault and there’s a clear and powerful solution for easily overcoming the problem. There’s just one thing you need to know. Are you ready?

Okay, here it is. To bring abundance into your life and honestly start getting everything you’ve ever wanted, you must give up on the idea that hard work, struggle and effort is the answer. This might sound crazy to you right now, because in our culture, we’re trained to believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work. Yet like I said a second ago, hard work is not the answer and I am living proof.

I spent years of my life chasing the carrot of more money and more time all because I believe that if I just worked hard enough, I’d eventually get there, yet all I needed was one simple secret that turned everything around me, that allowed me to get more while doing less, just the way I instinctively sensed it should be all along. Plain and simple and as crazy as it sounds the only way to quit struggling and working for what you want and instead just get what you want as easy as clicking a button on your bank account is by giving up on hard work and instead by forcing the universe to give you everything you’ve ever wished for.

So How to Do that?

Well, as I have proved countless times in the lives of friends and literally thousands of clients around the world, the way to turn even the most stressful scarcity based, struggle-based life into the abundance, wealth, and joy you deserve is by using a secret, almost irresistibly powerful psychological technique to transform your life to fill in that one vital gap in the law of attraction you’ve been missing out on until now, and instead to bring everything you’ve ever wanted literally flooding into your life. I’ll keep this short but here’s how it works.

Most experts will tell you that manifesting properly is all about wishy washy stuff like positive thinking, visualizing and acting as if you’ve already got what you want, right? Yet that’s not even close to the truth. Positive thinking and visualization certainly have their place in manifesting but their effect is tiny compared to what really works.

So instead of slaving away at the small stuff and just hoping for results, instead it all boils down to one incredibly simple yet absolutely vital truth. You’ve got to speak the language the universe speaks, and that easy simple yet almost devastatingly effective language is the Language of Energetic Vibrations. So you’re actually communicating with the universe right now using that same exact language I just mentioned. Even though you probably don’t realize it yet. Yet if you haven’t had things work out for you the way you want them to, that’s proof that you’re not using the language properly. To give out the right kind of commands, the ones that get the right kind of results.

Language of Energetic Vibrations

Here’s why – everything in the universe puts out vibrations, including you, and like energy attracts like energy. That’s physics – which means your mind is like an energetic loudspeaker – a loudspeaker that gives off energetic commands to the universe, commands it literally has to respond to whether you realize it or not. So if you’re trapped in a cycle of hard work, struggle and desperation, that means your energetic loudspeaker is screaming for more of the same. More hard work, more struggle and more effort.

Using the one exact language, the universe is powerless to ignore. This is why struggling for abundance never ever works. And this is why manifesting the way everyone else teaches it never ever works either, because you’re not using your own natural energetic commands in the right way to get what you want without all the effort. This is also why most of the rich, happy, abundant people you see literally just seem to glide through life because unlike most people, their energetic loudspeakers are set to high vibration. So they supercharge their ability to draw in more of what they want without even trying.

The trick is to know how to raise your own energetic set point automatically, so you can send out the right kinds of commands to the universe, commands that literally force the universe to give you whatever you want, commands that let you manifest easily and accurately as if you were born to do it.


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