What Are The Signs Showing That You Are Wasting Your Life?

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How many of us do what is best for us and what we really want to do? How many of us are happy and fulfilled with the way we live our lives? Do you sometimes feel that you got a lot of things to do, but you never have time for the really important things in your life? Then you need to simplify the way you live.

We have found that there are some signs that appear when you’re about to lose the true meaning of life and we waste precious moments in doing useless things:

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Projecting our moments of happiness in the future.
Be aware that our time is limited o this planet. So, don’t waste your time waiting for the next day, because you will never get today back. If you feel unworthy today, there are limited chances to change your mind about you tomorrow. That’s why you have to start right now to do what really matters for you to feel alive.

Being afraid all the time that we miss the essential.
We live in a world full of temptations. We have more opportunities that any other generation and this is great. The bad think is that we want everything and this leads us into chaos. We want to travel around the world and try to do everything, we want to be always connected to the most recent technologies, we want to work hard and have a lot of fun at the same time. But you could never do it all.  You will always be missing something.  In reality, this abundance complicates our life and distracts us from peace, joy and freedom that are given by a minimalist living. Find the quality of life instead of looking always for quantity.

Caring too much about the past.
Let the past go. Of course there is nothing wrong and having memories and remembering the lessons from the past. But don’t waste the present moment remaining suck in another time and place.  You must accept that once you closed a chapter of your life you have to start a new one.

Building scenarios of how it is supposed to be.
We often create scenarios about the way we have to live. And most of the time we think of what cannot work regarding our plans. We are afraid to take action because we imagine that the worst things will happen. But life doesn’t go on always on the way we had envisioned it. So, seek that ideal you believe in and go ahead with it, without thinking all the time those things will evolve in one way or another.

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Spending too much time with things that are not worth it.
We spend a lot of time with television, computer games, sailing on the internet. There are too many dependencies, too many harmful friends, a lot of overwork. Ask yourself which of these helps you to grow. How would your future look like if you keep doing exactly the same other 10 years? If you do not like the answer, you get the idea.

Focusing on complicated and confusing things in life.
There is a universal law that says that things that we focus on use to grow. If we think of things that bring us peace, joy and satisfaction they get part of us. Give up complicated, painful, unnecessary and confusing things and choose to be grateful for the beautiful things around. You are what you think.

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