Solving Problems Using a Glass of Water

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This technique belongs to José Silva, creator of the Silva Method. It helps us to find, almost by “magic”, the solution to those difficult problems.

The technique is very simple:

1) Before you go to sleep, fill a glass with water.

2) Close your eyes, turn them slightly upwards and drink half the water.

3) While you drink the water, think: “This is all what I need to do to solve the problem I have in mind.”

4) Put the glass on your bedside table, cover it, lie in the bed and go to sleep.

5) In the morning, immediately upon waking, repeat this procedure while you drink the rest of the water.

The answer should come in a dream that night. If so, give thanks while you drink the rest of the water. Or a thought may come in the next day, or you can find the person that will give you the knowledge you need.

Without a doubt the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who showed how thoughts influence on water particles, have much to do with this technique, although we cannot know specifically how it works.

Put into practice this exercise and then return to this article to tell us about your experience.

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